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How Time flies

Wow! When they say time flies I have never taken it quite literally as I do now! I feel like the last few years have come and gone so fast, and now I’m just sitting here trying to process where time actually went, and I do not have the answer to that. It seems like just the other day I had this big scary dream of creating my own brand and becoming an entrepreneur, fast forward to a few years later here we are! It’s honestly been quite THE journey! So much has happened!!! From those Facebook Zvirikufaya na Kheda Days to the drama that ensued! The very high highs, the rock bottom lows and everything in between! I would not change a single thing though because that’s what led to the creation of Summer Rose the brand and it certainly did wonders for my character building.

Sometimes I look back and wonder how I made it through that period in my life. I laugh at how so naive and gullible I was back then but I dare anyone to try me now! hahaha. I’ve grown a heck of a lot and this has been a journey filled with very valuable lessons. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and that’s ok. I’ve been working on correcting some of my mistakes and repeating a few of them just to make sure they were actually mistakes in the first place LOL

I’ve been so blessed to have any army of supporters that believe in me enough to support me and support my brand. I will forever be grateful for the love and support I have received on social media from mostly total strangers that I’ve never met in my life! When I tell you what a big deal this is to me! You probably won’t quite understand why but I know where I’ve come from. Very Humble beginnings. This was not supposed to happen to ghetto yut like me BUT GOD!!!

So proud to present to you the new fragrances we’ve been working on, you will absolutely love these!!! Be sure to get a bottle for you or gift a loved one.

Also, please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you stay updated with everything Summer Rose.

Until next time, peace and love

Summer Rose x

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